Apr 282017

find out this here A relatively new Femdom site (Nov.’16), a new angle/niche and astonishing Women and T-Women… Ladies & gents, Y/you might have heard of them, but if you don’t, take a look at:

FemdomPowerhouse.Com (@ ur service)


They’re hiring!

coco rencontre homme TS Girls
If you’re a dominant transexual and interested in joining the Femdom Powerhouse team please email: femdom.powerhouse@gmail.com

Source Strong, dominant Females
Experienced Dommes, or new to the scene, either way if you’d like to be part of the FPH family get in touch to find out more. Email: femdom.powerhouse@gmail.com

article source  Touring Dommes
Are you an experienced Mistress who wants to come and have a working holiday in either Belfast or County Cavan? We can put you up, show you the sites and advertise you on our website and twitter saying you’re touring. Email: femdom.ph@gmail.com

singles deutschland 2013 Filming slaves
We are working with a friend in the UK and are on the look out for small, slim built males who are willing to show their face and be beaten up by beautiful woman! Nothing extreme and no drawing of blood, just some fun filming. Email: femdom.ph@gmail.com

Interested? Are U/u writing? Please tell them too you’ve heard it at Klapjes.com. We forsee a good and agenda-setting cooperation with those People. Have fun!

Mar 212017

Remember the Klondike Gold Rush? Oh wait, we’re not that old :) What we mean is: which business always florishes in every thinkable hype? Indeed, the suppliers. The providers of shuffles, sieves, wheelbarrows and pickaxes in times of gold rushes.

site de rencontre mobile We came across an interesting supplier of adult sites: the UK-site Burn the Night. They offer all services next to the core-content: e-marketing, blogs, administration tools, the works.

Also for keyboard hero’s

And yes, if you are an enthusiastic websurfer with some writing skills, you’re invited in the FAQ‘s to contact them.

So, whether you are ‘content’ of a potential popular site or an insomniatic webwriter, ánd Burn the Night sets you on the path of success, don’t forget where you heard about it.

Good luck, have fun and stay close to yourself!

Nov 022016

Their site

Mar 032015

Once upon a time …

… we loved Facebook. But the Zuckerhill (Privacy) Gang didn’t love Fetlife, so we left. But there we were; stuck in our niche-community with no ties to any other worldwide general platform. Luckily we weren’t alone, and some IT-contrarians saw their growing chances. In the Fall of 2014 they built, pre-tested and beta-teste;, in the beginning of 2015 they had their coming-out. And now, at the beginning of March, they are opening their Not Suitable For Work-gates.

 You. Are. Not. A. Product.

Mar 022015

More hints The studied population consisted of 240 sex workers; 196 women, 28 men and 12 transgenders.

More than 70% of UK sex workers have previously worked in healthcare, education or charities, while more than a third hold university degrees (Duh – R66) according to one of the largest surveys of the industry ever undertaken.

The academic research, carried out by Leeds University and funded by the Wellcome Trust, also reveals the pressures that lead people to enter the sex industry, with one respondent saying she could not keep up her mortgage repayments while earning £50 a day as an NHS care assistant. (Duh – R66)

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PS – How do the new BBFC-regulations fit in this? We’ll keep you posted.