May 262019

site de rencontre om A Naturally Dominant British Seductress.

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conocer chicas naucalpan site rencontre platonique 

partnersuche münchen kostenlos Currently available for bookings in London

I had the luck to meet this wonderful lifestyle domme once for drinks. 

Glamorous, Alpha, Kinky. A bohemian free spirit and the personification of the playful but dangerous Femme Fatale.




If you are imagining me to be a stereotypical Mistress, a cold sadistic Bitch who only wants to hurt and humiliate you, think again. BDSM is only a fraction of my repertoire. I have many moods and in My sessions I can be sensual, erotic, and playful as often as I can be mean and sadistic. Yes, I demand to be in charge and you will surrender and do as I say. But time spent with me is playtime and as much as I am a Dominatrix I’m also a Fetish Actress specialising in role play, A Goddess who wants be worshipped and a Therapist who derives satisfaction helping you accept your desires are not shameful.



My style is smooth, sensual, sophisticated and playful. My sessions feel intimate and connected. I enjoy looking deep into your eyes, penetrating your soul as I invade your mind and take charge of your body. Lots and lots of tease and denial. Low or no music so you can hear my voice whispering filth into your ear, urging you to go further for me as I coach you to become sluttier, to be as shameless as possible. Let your mind go where it wants to. You only regret the things you don’t do. Set yourself free. Make your Mistress proud.

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May 252019
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Sep 142015
Original in Dutch, nice translated by peter

Can you imagine a more impressive display of Femininity than shown in aboves picture? Is your mind able to register what you are looking at?

Mistress Lisa in a modern corset.

For sure it’s not too tight around her waist. As most of you know this amazing Turkish born, German raised, currently in Flanders residing Mistress, is very slim. And even though this specific corset is hand made, it didn’t take her abundant upper body into account; her right breast – left for the viewers at home or office – is slightly pushed outward. A crease of her armpit touches the eye and on top of that a grain de beauté.

buy Viagra 130 mg in Fresno California Scores of ladies would never accept this. Even though it would take a microscope to discover the crease. Women are nit pickers when it comes to beauty and particulary picky about their own perfection.

We men aren’t aware of such details. It seems to escape our eye. Most (hetero) men look at the big picture. But do we see perfection in that big picture?

You know the thing about looking at something perfect? Tolstoy did. He taught us that looking for perfection will never make you content.

Perfect beauty is no blessing at all. Some would even argue that perfect beauty is boring. An example from your childhood: the Barbie doll. Your sisters or the Barbie you saw the cute young sis of one your friends playing with. Girls seemed to idiolize the overdone perfect Barbie beauty. We didn’t understand why. Barbie perfection is too smooth. Too slippery. You can’t really worship that kind of perfection. Try it and see how it will wither in front of your eyes. Like a snowflake. Vanishing when it touches the earth. Perfection in other words is an illusion.

matchmaking and production of social networks Perfection itself is imperfection. Noticing the anomaly gives you a perspective on perfection. It’s only than that perfection shines in all its splendour, becoming recognizable and admirable. Take a look at the most famous pieces of art in western history. Even when you are not looking at the authentic paintings or sculptures, you will notice the anomalies. That is when you become aware of the true appearance of Art.

Mistress Lisa’s magnificence and unique authenticity shows in the fact that she shares her picture without batting an eyelid. Simply posting it on Twitter, for us, her loyal followers. Picture perfect!

Aug 062015

rencontre france japon O-M-F-G. Miss Hybrid‘s voice…

I’m a bloke from continental Europe. Most of us learn to speak English by teachers with a poshy accent. That differs a lot from the majority we see & hear online and on the tele. If you manage to pronounce like them, you get higher grades. And since I’m a prostitute in many ways, poshy UK-English has been burnt in my brains as Standard.

Miss Hybrid’s voice IS the standard. Wow…

But besides all this babbling, I believe I have never seen such a rich and diverse YouTube Chanel of a Dominant Woman/Mistress like Miss Hybrid’s. And of such professional quality! Of course it’s one big teaser to lure you to her site, but hey… who cares!

Sep 292014

Dit is het eerste deel van een metafoor in 3 delen. De andere delen volgen later. Dit verhaal gaat over een man met een droom. Een droom zoals vele mannen ze dromen. Deze man zet stapje voor stapje in de richting van de verwezenlijking van zijn droom; zijn Need for Speed!

Of hij komt waar hij komen wil, dat vertelt dit deel nog niet. Daarvoor zal je de volgende delen moeten afwachten. Maar misschien herken je nu al de weg die jij wenst af te leggen…?

Voor Stichting Info BDSM (interne link)


May 052014