May 262019

accroche site de rencontre femme A Naturally Dominant British Seductress. 

Currently available for bookings in London

I had the luck to meet this wonderful lifestyle domme once for drinks. 

Glamorous, Alpha, Kinky. A bohemian free spirit and the personification of the playful but dangerous Femme Fatale.




If you are imagining me to be a stereotypical Mistress, a cold sadistic Bitch who only wants to hurt and humiliate you, think again. BDSM is only a fraction of my repertoire. I have many moods and in My sessions I can be sensual, erotic, and playful as often as I can be mean and sadistic. Yes, I demand to be in charge and you will surrender and do as I say. But time spent with me is playtime and as much as I am a Dominatrix I’m also a Fetish Actress specialising in role play, A Goddess who wants be worshipped and a Therapist who derives satisfaction helping you accept your desires are not shameful.



My style is smooth, sensual, sophisticated and playful. My sessions feel intimate and connected. I enjoy looking deep into your eyes, penetrating your soul as I invade your mind and take charge of your body. Lots and lots of tease and denial. Low or no music so you can hear my voice whispering filth into your ear, urging you to go further for me as I coach you to become sluttier, to be as shameless as possible. Let your mind go where it wants to. You only regret the things you don’t do. Set yourself free. Make your Mistress proud.

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May 252019
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Apr 072017

She’s been, again, to Dubai UAE. If our information is right, she’s at this moment in the plane back to Antwerp (Belgium). Nevertheless, we post her here in stead of our Dutch & Flemish site, because…

The weather will turn bad next week, so before you know it she’s on her way to the sun again! Meet (while you can :)

Dominatrix Lisa

Ruler of Princes

Apr 052017

Hów the honorable Dirk Hooper and his e-community exactly* chooses the weekly Fetish Phenom of the week, that will a new topic soon, but this week it is the voluptuous, strict, dark and fearsome

Mistress Veronica Vixen
‘commit forever’

What-A-Woman! Attention Californian/LA-slaves: Mistress Veronica has open positions for chauffeurs.

We guess it is about ReTweets and Likes, but which one weight more? We would go for RT’s, since these draw more attention to the Madame at hand.

Nov 182016

As a (semi-)professional blogger for an interesting niche like the Femdom C/community, one sometimes has to find a reason to post an article, just because the laptop carries for days a picture. This picture –

professional-dominatrix-manchester-mistress-lola-ruin-website-3This pic is not really hot or something to me, but it is tantalizing…

www.smooch free dating site co uk “Who is this Woman who is looking at me?”

Well, this is Mistress Lola Ruin, from Manchester Engeland, and the news”fact” is that she’s coming to London (wow! :) Enjoy her site, you might enjoy her online movies for sale and enjoy her wrath :)

PS – In Dutch, you might know this blog originates from The Netherlands, RUIN means castrated stallion :) (And the Mistress already knows it.)

Nov 102016


discover here Domina Lady Lena und The Golden Cage Aachen präsentieren exklusives und einzigartiges Special für Liebhaber des klassischen „schwarzen“ Bizarr-Spiels und der „weißen“ Klinikerotik.

Das „Black & White“ bietet dem Neuling und Erfahrenen, fast unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten, um seine bizarre Fetisch-Lust auszuleben…

In unserem großen Playroom, darfst du dich einer klassischen Erziehung unterziehen, dich zu einem Diener oder TV-Zofe ausbilden lassen, das Gefühl von vollgummiert, maskiert und verschlaucht sein erfahren, Reizstrom und Peitsche spüren, Klammern und Gewichte genießen, dich der Venus 2000 oder Fickmaschine ausliefern, und noch vieles mehr…

Um dich anschließend in der stylischen und hochwertig ausgestatteten Fetischklinik, verarzten oder untersuchen zu lassen, oder an einer Studie oder einem medizinischen Experiment teilzunehmen… Chefärztin Lena und ihr Assistenzteam, sind erfahren und versiert auf folgenden Gebieten:

  • Erfassung der allgemeinen körperlichen Verfassung
  •  Gründliche körperliche Untersuchung (Abtasten, Abklopfen, Abhören, Test der einzelnen Körperfunktionen u.s.w.)
  •  Weitere Diagnostik (Blutdruck messen, Blutzuckertest, Abstriche, u.s.w.)
  •  Laboruntersuchungen (Urin-, Speichel-, Spermaprobe)
  •  HNO-Untersuchung
  •  Proktologie (Prostatauntersuchung, Analmassage und -dehnung, Fisting)
  •  Urologie (Katheter, Harnröhrendehnung und -vibration, Harnröhrendilatation)
  •  Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe (simulierte Geschlechtsumwandlung, Anale Geburten)
  •  Infusionstherapie (Aufspritzungen mit NaCl)
  •  Nadeltherapie
  •  Elektrotherapie
  •  Beatmung
  •  Inhalationstherapie
  •  Schmerztherapie
  •  Latextherapie
  • Schwitzkur
  •  Darm- und Blasenspülung

Als Neuling, hast du hier die Möglichkeit, ausgewählte Praktiken und Spielarten des weißen und Schwatzen BDSM kennenzulernen und auszuprobieren. Als Erfahrener, wirst du von Domina und Bizarrärztin Lena geführt, gefordert, und an deine Grenzen gebracht.

rencontre homme lausanne Info
Lady Lena +49 (0)151 100 43 607

rencontre femme chaude moulins Studio Info
Lady Iwana +49 (0)172 816 55 28

Sep 102015

NL-vlag-VL (Receive by email, October 2013)
“Dear people of,

The site is alive again, nice! If this continues, I will come back regularly and perhaps more, see below. The site is sweltering, for me, it invites me to show myself (little by little). Let me introduce myself.

I am a divorced woman of 42 years, no children, and in daily life, I’m self-employed in the communications industry. Ever since I can remember I have dominant feelings. My earliest memory, heart Dutch Bible Belt – can you imagine? – is as a toddler; horse-playing with a ten or eleven y/o neighbor boy. I can tell you, that was far from innocent! What I remember is that I regularly ordered him to drop on all fours, mounted his back and clenched the poor sod as hard as I could between my legs. And he actually rode. All the way until I got a (sort of?) orgasm. Then I let him be, but the rest of the day he used to follow me – like a puppy – sort of begging to do it again. Can you imagine, five or six years older than I!

In subsequent relationships of course I have experimented, but a truly D/s relationship, it never came. Only with the rise of the internet (surfing until dawn, with screen-eyes to meetings) I came to understand that these feelings of mine were not unique and that there is actually a whole world to it. Your world.

After that discovery I was once in a club and twice I’ve visited VSSM evenings (thé Dutch BDSM society), but both times were disappointing. My feelings remained though; sometimes quite vague, when I had a vanilla relationship with a man I truly loved; sometimes ‘unbearable’ fierce, as somewhere on your site is beautiful stated.
The last three years I could order this young boy (who’s age was hardly enough to vote *blush*) whenever it suited me. Unfortunately, because of his studies he moved to the other side of the country. However, he set me thinking with his remark: “You could be a paid Mistress you know,” because it is very bad in my usual work.

Now I wondered: can I, if I indeed make the choice to become a Prodomme, occasionally post something to promote my new business? I’m curious about your answer, until I sign,

With ‘strict’ wishes,
(call me) Lilith, named after the woman who was there before the Biblical Eve

PS – I have a selfi ‘included so you get an idea.”
Postscript editorial

Dear Lilith, what do you think yourself? If you can write like this ánd you looks are like the picture, then you will immediately enter the ranks of our top Mistresses. Frenzied mail! Hence we have it (though a bit shortened) 1on1 posted. Keep us informed, and perhaps any future customers of yours dare already show themselves below :) Hope to hear and see more of you soon! Richie66

Mar 082015


EDIT – I stand corrected about Ms. Nikitia’s gender

In her I’ve seen the future, and it looks bright, (self-)confident, open, hypertech, vulnerable and sharing.

Getting acquainted online with the young Miz Nikita, is getting to know a human from the future who is been blasted to the past. Our present.


click for site

One glance at her site is not enough. For starters, you should have a fast internet connection. Or you do have to wait a bit. Content and form merge without boundaries. That what she has to share is that what you experience, it goes way past reading or seeing. And the form she presents has utterly been taken care of; every detail fits your expectations without you knowing what to expect in advance. Hers is how personal websites look like in ten to twenty years time.

Ms.Nikita is born as an intersex male. Here is what she wrote about it, and here is Klapjes Media’s view about intersexuality. She opened her site at April 5th last year to share her transitional times & thoughts on step by step getting a female body. Is this in itself interesting enough for many, this Woman in mind and begetting in body is also health-aware, vegan, open-minded, respectful to life and an allround IT-user.  In 50 to 100 years time everyone has to adapt to this, otherwise there is not enough livable planet to feed our grandchildren and provide them a sanative life. Ms.Nikita is truly a person to follow.