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more information We encourage everybody to send Femdom related news, events, parties, website update, etc etc…


annonces gratuites toulouse site chat rencontre gratuit Are you a lifestyle Mistress or sub, share your small & big news: info@klapjes.nl

rencontre sous x hpfanfiction If you are an international Mistress travelling to the Netherlands or a Dutch Mistress travelling abroad, klapjes is an ideal platform to announce your visit, since we post that kind of news on both sites.

  • Klapjes.nl attracts an average of 1,000 to 1,100 unique visitors a day
  • Klapjes.com is regaining pace and strength again after severe hack-attacks Dec. 2015 – Feb. 2016 with an average of 200 unique IP’s per day
  • Our twitter account @klapjes serves daily around 3,950 followers (and up)

rencontre coquine sans mail Figures date from winter 2016/2017


speed dating chicago reviews Klapjes is a blog and directory about Female Domination that started in the Netherlands, back in 2010. (Klapjes means slaps in Dutch.) The initiator, also a Femdom lover, already knew that the community he belongs to has no boundaries. But only just online he noticed that heaps of other nationalities than the Dutch visited his by that time first of a kind website. So he altered the language into English, but continued the name. More and more ‘Klapjes” became a brand within the niche.

single schotten Fast-forward to 2013 – Although Femdom is a niche within general society, inside the Femdom community there are heaps (and heaps and heaps) of subniches. With the experience of Klapjes, the initiator decided to dedicate his online-activities completely to what triggers him most: strict Nurses. So he sold Klapjes to what a little later became the Klapjes Media (Klamed ltd.).
Next to many UK and US visitors, Klapjes had grown in The Netherlands to one of the leading websites with news & whereabouts of Dutch, Belgium and German Mistresses. Klamed transformed the site’s language back into Dutch again, and sufficed to blog in English for articles about UK and US Mistresses who happen to travel to Europe. But that was something our English speaking content “suppliers” weren’t all to happy about and also the bots of almighty Google couldn’t coop with these two tongues. December 2014 we took the final decision to give life to the already existed domain Klapjes.Com, for a second website parallel to the first with mostly own and independent articles on international Femdom-issues.

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