Feb 192015

Music Television had just arrived at the European continent. As 17, 18 y/o I watched this vid and realized ‘things’ I already knew.

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Feb 182015

como conocer paris gratis Our relative young love for the medium Twitter still grows. Yet, the amount of shared information is enormous; our daily (morning) post immerses in it like a drop in the ocean. We thought about repeating our message, but do not want to be accused of s p a mproducer. The plan is now: for the time being we post every evening one song with “BDSM colours” and a reminderlink of our previous message.

vedio sex gay The latest song is embedded directly in the main navigation page “BDSM music” (contribute!) and chronological categorized as such. Also on Twitter.

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Dec 192014

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Jul 182014

http://www.federalbakeshop.com/limited/5812 Op dagen als gisteren en vandaag, hoe niche de site Klapjes.nl ook is, is het onmogelijk weg te duiken voor wereldnieuws.

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http://pierreduquoc.fr/?krempay=hotmail-sign-in-version-pc&3c5=1d Although Klapjes.nl is a niche website, at days like yesterday and today, it is impossible to ignore the worldnews.

Nov 032013

Muziek! Muziek om in de stemming te komen, muziek tijdens het wonden likken, muziek gewoon voor de muziek.